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Local Scholarship Established for Children of a pALS

 In the months prior to her death from ALS, Marcia LaRiche determined that she wanted to establish a scholarship fund to help the children of persons diagnosed with ALS achieve higher education goals.  Marcia knew that the financial burden brought on by such a debilitating disease can be very great, often causing family members to deplete savings set aside for education to cover such things as medical costs, caregivers and equipment.  It is for this reason that Marcia wanted to reach out to children with a parent who had been diagnosed with ALS.

 Marcia LaRiche was truly a remarkable woman.  She dedicated her life to community service. She was executive director of the Institute for Educational Renewal (IER).  Marcia was especially interested in improving the quality of school life for children in the city of Cleveland. She was also instrumental in implementing the ASPIRE program at Hathaway Brown School, which helps young women overcome obstacles on the path to higher education.  Even after her diagnosis, Marcia continued to give back to her community.  She became the first patient ever to serve on the Board of Directors of the ALS Association Northern Ohio Chapter. She also worked to promote ALS Awareness during ALS Awareness Month through an interview with Channel 5 Health Reporter, Monica Robbins.  We are honored that Marcia chose to assist students in meeting their higher education goals through the establishment of the Marcia LaRiche Scholarship Fund.

 Who can apply?  Applicants must be:
residents of the Northern Ohio area covered by The ALS Association Northern Ohio Chapter
    high school seniors, current undergraduate college students or students between that ages of 18 and  25  who are not currently enrolled in college
 a child of a parent who has/had ALS
demonstrate financial need
GPA, SAT/GPA scores will be considered

There are a limited number of scholarships available.  Deadline to apply is May 15, 2009.  The scholarship amount is $2,500.00 per year. The scholarship reward is not restricted to Ohio colleges or universities and can be applied to community college programs.

For more information, please contact Lisa Bruening at the ALS Association Northern Ohio Chapter, or 888-592-2572.  The Marcia LaRiche Scholarship Fund is administered by the Cleveland Scholarship Programs.

Click here to view the scholarship brochure!

Click here to download the application!




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